Commercial Storm Damage Repair

Have your tenants reported damage after a recent storm? Maybe they haven’t, but there was recently severe weather and you want to make sure your property is in tact. 1st Choice Commercial Roofing & Construction can be a valuable resource when it comes to repairing, maintaining, and protecting your commercial property.

Our Services Include:


  • Save money by addressing repairs quickly before the damage grows worse.
  • Protect your property from leaks and mold resulting from overlooked storm damage.
  • Keep your tenants happy and open for business by catching damage as soon as it occurs.
  • Get the most out of your insurance claim with our professional storm damage documentation.

    Storm Damage? Call us at 281.378.2431

    Rain pools on an aging roof leaving at high risk for leaks and mold.

    A gutter has become dislodged and clogged with debris, rendering it useless and compromising the property.

    Storm Damage? Call us at 281.378.2431