Finding the Right Commercial Roofing System

Selecting a roofing system for your commercial property is a significant decision that can have measurable impact on the future profitability of your business. While investing in the right roofing system is a smart expenditure that provides years of protection and performance, choosing an inadequate roofing system for your building can lead to structural damage or deterioration, catastrophic losses, and other unplanned and costly expenses.

Accurate Commercial Roof Assessments

To avoid these unnecessary risks, the experienced professionals at 1st Choice Roofing will work closely with you to determine the ideal solution for your project. Prior to making a recommendation, we will conduct a thorough roof assessment of your building to identify the best commercial roofing system that fits your requirements and budget. Following installation of the preferred roof system, we help extend the life of your roof by providing continued service through periodic inspections and maintenance.

Versico & Mule Hide Certified Contractors

Certified by both Versico Roofing Systems and Mule Hide Products, we carry a broad selection of high performance roofing systems, including single-ply thermoplastic (TPO), modified bitumen, BUR, PVC, and metal options. Every commercial roofing system we offer complies with our strict standards for durability and weather-resistance to ensure long-lasting performance in the variable weather conditions common to the Houston area.

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